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Dec 10, 2014

Stocking fillers - part 3

I play it pretty safe when it comes to skincare... I don't like things that irritate my skin or over power with scent... we've all been on the Luas beside THAT person... Nivea is kind of my go favourite and it is with most of my family ... and this Christmas they've brought out little Christmas baubles... I KNOW! with mini treats that I had to share...  

Seriously cute no?! and €5.99 for the Hydro lip balm, 
roll on deodorant and their moisturising cream, and the mini ones are great for emergency dry elbows and hand cream! Plus apres pool.. perfick... 

AND there's a bauble for the boys! With Shave balm, moisturiser for the sensitive types, 
and deodorant! Perfect for a weekend away! Drop the hint gals! 

They also have a 'Gorgeous Beautiful Skin' pack that includes 3 full size goodies and a hot pink rose shaped shower puff thingy, the waterlily shower gel smells SO good... 
and it comes in a pretty quilted toilet bag for €10.99!
It's in the Skinny Mums stocking as I type... only so I can 'borrow' it when I need to!

The heart shaped tin that the 'Luscious Beautiful Lips' pack is pretty enough 
to hold trinkets all year and there's four lip balm treats in there, for the desk, car, 
handbag, gym bag, coat pocket ... the list is endless if you're like me... for €8.99

Lots of lovely Christmas treats out in the pharmacies at the moment .. oh.. oh... and there's a beautiful navy blue vanity case including BB cream, cleansing mousse, the one I keep instagramming .... and their micellar cleansing water which leaves your skin feeling so good... so keep your eyes peeled! 

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