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Feb 7, 2013

So fresh it's famous...

New product out for you dolls to check out...

Pat the Baker has brought out Slimbos!! These are like slim, square burger buns... There's 6 in a packet and they're kinda like baps... At 3PP each... They are really yum! Considering 2 slices of some breads can be 5PP .. 3 varieties to choose from.. plain white, multi seed and sesame & linseed... 2 packs for €3 in Supervalu at the moment and you can freeze them.. Great for lunch!!


  1. I just bought these yesterday because they look yum and they're decent points wise!

  2. I just got these today (the seedy ones) and made a slim-wich with it. Pretty good although I definitely recommend toasting them because I didn't and my sandwich went a little soggy!

  3. These are yum! Got them last week in the shop! I love how you can cram loads of salad filler in them for a sambo.

  4. I've been trying to cut back on my bread but these look fab - i'd say they are brilliant for a brekkie sandwhich at the weekend. Some bacon medallions, egg friend in frylite and a bit of ketchup!! Or even as a burger bun - the possibilities are endless.

  5. Hi Skinny Doll. Love the website. I am only on week 2 of WW so a newbie! and I was just wondering if I have to count the brown Slimbos if I am sticking to the Filling and Healthy range 2014.