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Feb 13, 2013

Fancy breads & DO-nots!!!

With Easter firmly on the way.. there's lots of new things popping up in the bakery section of the supermarket..  All this before we even get to the eggs!!! aaarrrggghhhhhhh!

These are new to my local Supervalu and I'm all about the multi seed/wholegrain types of breads and pastas..These are packaged as all healthy and stone baked like mama used to make em but these little brats are 7PP each with their full white floured cousins (pic below) LOWER at 6PP ... either way, they're not worth wasting that many points on lunch! THINK of the wine you could have at the weekend!!

Don't be fooled by the 'they're only MINI' bagels either.. these teeny tiny rolls are 3PP each! The cinnamon and raisin ones are lovely but you'd hoover two of them and not even notice!

And RIDICULOUSLY with Tesco hot on the Easter cake trail, their own Tesco Hot Cross Buns are 5PP whilst their 'light choices Hot Cross Buns' (below) are 6PP!!!! Yes I've checked it over and over to make sure it wasn't my maths!!!

Dolly (not me or even a relation might I add!) is making donuts!!! They're sold in packs of 2 (apparently for sharing... like that'll happen) and packs of 7.. one for every day! These are home made and I have tried one, its a pretty good size and sugar coated so ALL the bad things but for 4PP its one of the better options.. shame you can buy them individually wrapped!!

Both these Choccy and Raspberry cupcakes are only 1PP each! AAAAANNNNNDDD they ARE individually wrapped.. so the guilt of opening another packet will stop you picking up another one! I'm told the choccy ones are to die for.. Found in Tesco!


  1. Great post and great blog
    glad I found you!

  2. Those mini-cupcakes look yum! Will def keep an eye out next time I'm in the shop :)

    1. Brilliant that they're individually wrapped too! And they're triple choc so it full on flavour! x

  3. Those mini-cupcakes look divine.. Will defo have to try them :)
    Amazing how decieving the bread is! its looks liek it should be good for you and low point wise! Bah!

    1. They're a STEAL and if you have a chocolate craving then they'll satisfy it! with 1PP... I was genuinely shocks with the ciabattas as they were advertising them as MUCH better for you and healthier option! Pays to look at the labels... x

  4. looking for divine inspiration and it brought me here. so glad to have found this blog again keep up the good work