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10 stone!

Oh yes.. the final total of the weight lost in the Easter Bunny Challenge is 10 stone 9 pounds!! How awesome are you guys!! Smashed the 10 stone! Fantastic.. and well done to all.. you've been an inspiration to everyone and two new gold members to boot!

In the next day or so, I'll upload the Skinny Summer Challenge! Another 6 weeks to get another step towards goal! Here's the final tally! Again.. well done everyone! Doll xxx


  1. Could you please add me to the summer challenge?

  2. whoooo bring on the next challenge been as bold as brass since last thursday... :) eating all around me feck it i went mad cuz i got GOLD...

  3. Well done everyone! I seem to have taken a week off WW this week? Looking forward to the next challenge =)


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