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Firstly let me wish you all a very happy Easter! Enjoy the holiday that it is and don't let a number on a scale ruin it! Now I've gone through most of the supermarkets and here's the list of the damage so far! Choose with care boys and girls! and for goodness sake if you're going to spend 74PP on an egg.. ENJOY IT!

To the Skinny Bunnies I'll be updating the chart over the next few days, congrats to you all.. everyone has lost weight! And a new challenge is on the way to keep us on track for summer!!! Doll xxx  

Cadburys Creme egg 532g (with 6 creme eggs) - 74PP Yes you read that right!
Dairy Milk 575g - 72PP
Dairy Milk 343g - 49PP
Dairy Milk 167g - 25PP
Galaxy Caramel 385g - 46PP
Crunchie 167g - 22PP
Celebrations 395g - 43PP
Maltesers 314g - 30PP
Roses 307g - 42PP
Twirl 325 - 53PP
Thorntons 330g - 30PP
Terrys Orange - 26PP
Cadburys Button 101g - 20PP
Carmel 178g - 24PP
Cadburys Mini Eggs (3 eggs) - 1PP
Cadburys Mini Eggs (100g Bag) - 13PP
Cadburys Caramel Mini Eggs, per egg - 2PP
Cadbury Creme Egg Mini, per egg - 2PP
Cadburys Caramel Bunnies, per bunny - 3PP
Aero Bubbly Lamb - 4PP
Maltesers Bunny - 5PP
Cadburys Creme Egg - 5PP
Cadburys Caramel Egg - 5PP
Lindt Lindor Egg(33g) - 6PP
Smarties Egg (90g) Shell only - 10PP
Smarties Egg (90g) with smarties - 13PP
Nestle Milky Bar egg (65g) - 12PP
Flake Egg (153g) Shell only - 14PP
Flake Egg (153g) with 4 fun size bars - 22PP
Maltesers (177g) Shell only - 15PP
Maltesers (177g) with sweets - 24PP
Snickers Egg (181g) Shell only - 15 PP
Snickers Egg (181g) with bars - 27PP
Lindt Bunny (100g) - 15PP
Lindt Bunny (10g) - 2PP

and remember its OK to share!!! Mwah! x


  1. Oh my word!!! I wish I didn't like chocolate but I do :(

  2. Where did you find the Terry's Orange one? Have been looking for one for my boyfriend for ages!!
    Also do you know how many points in the giant kinder surprise ones?

  3. @ZED The Terry's egg is in SuperValu but only a couple are there which is a shame I LOVE the chocolate oranges.... mmmmmm I looked at the Kinder eggs but no nutritional information was on them, I'll ask about as I suspect they might be low compared to some of the big eggs... x

    1. Thanks, ended up getting him the Kinder Joy and then realised I couldn't even have a taste because of passover, and by the time thats over he'll be finished it! Dodged a bullet anyway! Thanks though :)

  4. I didn't get one for myself, just the kids and hubby and smallish ones at that. I do however have a tub of choc philly in the fridge...

  5. Happy easter, I will be giving my final loss (hopefully) on wed if that's alright. Looking forward to new challenge :-)

  6. hey xx lost 3.5lbs this week :) made gold membership and just in time for the ww gold member fashion show on friday :) wanna get a small bit more off for holiers in june so i can look good in a BIKINI 4half stone GONE but not FORGOTTEN xx looking forward to the next challenage

    1. Well done Sarah that is brilliant!! That is the amount of weight I have to lose to get to goal, did it take you long? I have lost just over a stone since Xmas :)

    2. Brilliant! Thats a great loss and GOLD!!! so proud of you! Summer challenge on the way.. just finishing up this one this week and we'll beall set! Congrats you've done so well! xxx


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