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Water water everywhere…

Water is an essential nutrient you need to burn body fat! Us humans are made up of roughly 75% water - that’s quite a lot! its needed for chemical reactions and processes in all kinds of places but also to burn fat and flush out toxins. When you’re dehydrated and there isn't enough water to dilute the body's waste products, kidney stones may form. Then the liver has to step in to help the kidney. This is really bad for weight loss because one of the major functions of the liver is to burn fat. Its a big deal… so sorry kids.. ya gotta drink it!

Here's a calculator to let you know exactly how much water you should be drinking!

Now WHY do we have to drink water… well…

Now WHY do we have to drink water… well…

1. It actually helps you lose weight..
A recent study showed that people who drank and average of 6.5 cups of water a day consumed 200 fewer calories, 200 per day means 73,000 per year, and 3500 calories is a pound of fat, which means you can lose 20lbs a year! They also drank less fizzy drinks and ate less junk food! AND its gretIts all good!

2. Drinking water doesn't mean water retention!!!
Water retention is caused by increased sodium levels, and bless us girls… our hormones.. a common myth is drinking too much water bloats them but the opposite is true! The more water you drink, the more water and waste products your body will flush out! it helps rid you of toxins, makes you feel less bloated and over time lose more weight!

3. It makes you less hungry! 
What more do you need to know!! AND a lot of the time when you think you are actually hungry, when really you're thirsty!

4. Being dehydrated can be bad when your exercising.. 
Water is stored in your muscles, if you're dehydrated your muscles with tire quicker, so next time you're working out and you're feeling a bit knackered… burning calories creates toxins (think of a car exhaust!) .. water will help flush them out… plus your muscles won't ache so much … drink up!

5. How do you know you're dehydrated… 
Here's some tell tale signs…

•    Your mouth is constantly dry
•    Your urine is dark or you're not producing enough
•    You can feel dizzy when you are working out
•    You get cramps

6. So how much do I need to drink to lose weight?
The experts say up to 12 cups but for most 8 glasses is more realistic.  The heavier you weigh the more your body needs… Nature is pretty good at letting you know if you're doing it right .. Your urine should be a pale yellow, although anyone taking supplements and antibiotics can rule that out… B12 will turn it bright yellow!! Google the online calculator and enter your details, its very personal... eg: if you exercise loads then you'll need more...

7. How do I drink more..
Drinking other liquids also help with the water intake, but remember coffee is a diuretic so you need to drink even more if you're a caffeine junkie! When you're having an alcoholic bevvie, drink water as well, (I know.. buzz kill!) but its helps with the hangover and headache etc etc.. I'm not gonna preach it! When you feel thirsty you're already dehydrated, so get on top of it before that happens..
Start your day with a glass, every time you boil the kettle have a little glass, bring one to bed! Sneak it into your routine…

Take it one step at a time until you're used to it..


  1. My wife has for years drank water and made sure we all do the same. I can't say how for sure it helps us avoid getting coughs and colds, but it might have helped. Love the calculator.


  2. Oh Janey mac! I used the water intake calculator and it told me I need to drink 7 pints of water a day! LORDY ME!


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