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Popcorn is one of those vegemite things.. you either love it or hate it.. and its propoint values are just the same... take your average 30g of Manhattan popcorn - 4 PP .. this is great value for those with the savoury tooth! Beats crisps hands down and you do feel so full after a bag of it.. so you're satisfied into the bargain! Cinema popcorn is pointed like so in some books... Small - 7PP; Medium - 12PP; Large - 19PP. Our leader tells me there are 32 PP in a large portion but it will depend if its air or oil popped! uh huh...

However these are all rather vague values, so I've hunted down some nutritional values and can reveal this... Cinema popcorn (salty)per 100g: K/Cal: 459kcal; Protein: 8g; Total Carbs: 61.8g; Carbs of which sugars: 3.g Total Fat: 24.3g; Fibre: 10.4g which when I use the online tracker come out as 30 PP!! you heard me!

Some cinemas don't readily have the small portions to hand, but if you ask they will make one up for you... (picked yourself up off the floor yet!) I know!!! If you want to bring your own... Snack a jack popcorn is 1.5 pp per portion and they do a toffee version for the sweeties out there.. Butterkist toffee popcorn are 3PP per bag and Butterkist Cinema style sweet popcorn is 22 PP for a 200g bag

These new "pop yourself" from Tayto both come in at 5 PP per 45g serving, there are 3 X 90g bags portions per box, so pop it at home before you leave and bring it with you! Massive Propoint savings to be had! Have fun at the movies... Doll x


  1. Okay, I had to check out your profile because I have never heard of some of the names of the products you show on your blog:-)

    1. Lol yes I'm based in Ireland so a lot of products you might not have heard of lol


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