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PPPOTD - Say Cheese!!!

Cheese - milk's leap toward immortality. - Clifton Fadiman

Its the one thing we ALL love but its one of the first foods to hit the "I can't eat that anymore" list! Cheese.... mmmmmm.... Being a savoury kinda gal I struggle with cheese... its a great love of mine... goats, brie, cheddar ... SIGH... I do still eat it albeit a little less often now as I'm of the school of thought, that a little of what you love is a good thing.... I'd rather use the Propoints and enjoy my food rather than be a grumpy little sod! Plus its always when you can't have something, you want it even more!

Often though I get caught out at lunch time... and don't want to use my ProPoints on the extravagance of cheese.. and when you're on the go its processed cheese or nothing to be honest.. cheese snobs look away now, but the processed cheeses are actually coming on in leaps and bounds and some are quite tasty! They are a great way to flavour food too, the Laughing Cow lights are particularly nice on pita bread and grilled as mini pizzas with loads of roast veg on top ... For those of you with little people in the house, cheese is one of the best ways of getting calcium in to them and you... plus they're portion sizes are smaller.. so you can have your fix without going overboard... It doesn't have to be all or nothing! Doll x

Cheesestrings - 2 ProPoints per portion

Cheesestrings Minis - 1 ProPoint per 10g portion

Cheesestrings Spaghetti - 2 ProPoints per 21g portion

Dairylea Dunkers - 3 ProPoints per tub

Laughing Cow Cheez Dippers - 3 ProPoints per tub

Laughing Cow - Light - 1 ProPoint per 2 portions

Laughing Cow - regular - 1 ProPoint per portion

Laughing Cow - Xtra Light - 1 ProPoint per 3 portions

Low Low Chunky Triangles - 1 ProPoint per portion

Low Low Chunky Triangles with ham - 1 ProPoint per portion

Charleville Wedges - 1 ProPoint per portion

Charleville Spreadable - 1 ProPoint per 20g portion

Charleville Spreadable with Ham - 1 ProPoint per 20g portion

Low Low Spreadable - 1 ProPoint per 20g serving
(This also comes in a Cracked Black Pepper Flavour for the same ProPoints)


  1. Love Laughing Cow, it's about the only processed cheese I can eat,(food allergies), so it's real cheese for me most of the time.....what a shame!!!

  2. Those dunkers and dippers are actually quite good value at 3pp :) Cheese is a major weakness for me too.

  3. Oh I love those dunkers, never even thought of pointing them! Those Low Low triangles with ham are DELISH, and one triangle goes a long way. I love cheese, thanks for this post! :)

  4. Those laughing cow extra light are really good value at 3 per propoint and they are quite creamy considering....

  5. Babybel Lights are only 1 PP - I find those great in a moment of weakness!


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