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PPPOTD - my milkshake brings...

We all know that we've got to get our calcium quotas throughout the day... these knees will be needed dancing in the old folks home... and most people starting on a diet give up full fat dairy, milk, cheese, full fat yoghurts believing that by cutting the high fats out they're helping their weight loss but you gotta mind your bones kids ... here's something I was asked about and if you're a milkshake fan but can't face drinking plain old milk it might help ... this 330ml Strawberry flavoured milk is 6 PP for the lot, which is a lot in daily values but its very strong in flavour and approx 1/3 of this can be used, diluted with your normal skimmed milk to get the good stuff into you and it still tastes ok... Personally my smoothie machine is my friend, so to chuck some fruit into the milk and blend is a better way to go (remember kids fruit is FREE!!!) but hey .. they ask.. I tell... this also comes in Chocolate and Banana flavours.. Other ways to get your calcium is through fish like sardines canned sardines and mackerel, white bread (white flour is fortified with calcium), green leafy vegetables such as broccoli, nuts, seeds, beans, dried fruit and oranges... dem bones... dem bones... Doll x


  1. Great idea!

    I use the chocolate milk with a banana & a teaspoon of peanut butter, not sure what that is in PP though :/

    Another delish one in the morning is choc milk, banana & a spoon of instant espresso - sets me up till lunch :D

  2. if you only use a little, it MORE than flavours it .. give me real strawberries any day though.. LOVIN the choc/banana and espresso mix .. will def try that one!

  3. Doll please can you advise on Peanut butter points? I have a low fat version. I am enjoying it on Fruit Ryvita and would love to have an idea of points please.


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