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PPPOTD - Hail Caesar...

Salad Light Caesar Dressing - 0 PP

Dressing snobs look away now! The latest addition to the spray on family! (fingers crossed there'll be a chocolate one next!) Along with the Sunflower oil and Olive oil zero sprays... this new addition isn't half bad... a light spray over your salad and you've got a nice hint of garlic herbs... TIP: a little goes a long way! Get it while its still summer... apparently!

Doll x


  1. What is PPPOTD? Points Plus ???? Where did you find that spray?

  2. I heard a fellow WW-er raving about this a while ago and I keep forgetting to buy it!! Will have a look in supermarket tomorrow, cheers :)

  3. PPPOTD - Pro Point Product Of The Day ... over here Points Plus are called ProPoints... This spray is in most of the local supermarkets here... xxx

  4. Ohhhh not seen this before. Will have to have a 'proper' look for it. Thanks x


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