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WHAT is holding you back???

Prompt: Writing. What do you do each day that doesn’t contribute to your writing — and can you eliminate it?

Firstly, I'm not a writer. I know lots of people doing #reverb10 are writers, but not me, no way... So I'm changing it to be more in line with my goals ...

What do you do each day that doesn’t contribute to your weightloss — and can you eliminate it?

Well.. let's face it .. I dawdle.. dilly dally... faff! I can find a tangent at 100 paces.. I can distract myself in a heartbeat.. and oops.. before you know it.. I don't "have time" to exercise... I can pay back those WW points from that yummy high calorie dessert tomorrow! Monday .. yes I'll start again Monday! I can talk myself round and round in circles... and THIS doesn't contribute to weightloss .. THIS keeps me on the merry-go-round of being obese and throwing the focus and attention on everyone else except ME ...
But I do these things, faffing, toying and trifling, because I'm fearful... What happens when I lose this weight? What if I'm not happy? People might see the real me? What if they don't like her? What is she going to hide behind? How will I deal with my feelings? I can't bury them under food on this diet? What if I don't get pregnant? I will have done this journey and WHAT? still nothing? Yep .. its fear that makes me go round and round.. it stops me getting there.. it stops me doing my vlogs... it stops me blogging here... I disappear and keep a watchful eye on all the others succeeding and then every now and then I crack! Suddenly.. SHE'S BACK! This fear keeps me away from my friends and social occasions... the first sign of success and I'm thinking .. BINGE!

How can I eliminate it? I'm thinking A-Team here but since they never gave out their number .. sigh.. To eliminate fear I have to face it. Believe in myself.. Believe I can do it.. and let nothing hold me back.. There has been a glimpse of this recently.. I've stood up for ME ... it felt great! Scary but amazing... My better half has noticed the changes... I feel now that I can do it! This time last year I would not have said that. I must eliminate this huge fear and step up and onto those scales and over them! Live life and be lighter and happier than before! Or else I'm stuck on this merry-go-round for all eternity...

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  1. Overcoming fear is key. I lost a significant amount of weight a while back but not until I'd realized that I'd been holding on to my fat as an excuse, e.g. I can't go to the gym until I'm in a more reasonable shape. I'll talk to the guy I like when I look better. I'll ask for the promotion when I can fit into my pre-children suit. Etc. and etc. and etc.
    Nothing worked to drop the weight until I understood that it wasn't the extra weight holding me back but my fear. So, I made myself do all those things I was putting off until I was slimmer and then the weight loss followed, if not easily, at least not as blood-from-a-stone hard as it had been before.
    Good luck - I know you can do it.


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