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Where oh where have I been???

December 22 Prompt: Travel. How did you travel in 2010? How and/or where would you like to travel next year?

Firstly, this... is HOW i get around...

BOO!!! I didn't travel this year at all.. it's the first time in years, all this getting sensible and mortgages and extensions and stuff! my feet are itchin'!!! Since my hubby and I met we have travel somewhere exotic every year... Thailand, Mexico, Aruba, Tahiti, New Zealand.. sigh.. this year.. DUBLIN.. groan.. and right now.. SNOWY, freeeeeezing, locked-in-our-own-home Dublin ... groan...

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2011 - Well first stop NYC for St. Patricks day! .... then... its a two week Caribbean jaunt when the house is finished or else we'll kill each other! and, budget pending... (I am going to be 30+ VAT!.. ahem...) Sydney for new year!?!?! sigh... gotta love Doll's positive attitude! Now off to the the lottery ticket shop... woo hoo!

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