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I'm alive .. I'm alive...

Prompt: Moment. Pick one moment during which you felt most alive this year. Describe it in vivid detail (texture, smells, voices, noises, colors).

Ok .. so I know the moment.. its not really a life or death thing.. but it did involve a hospital and a general anaesthetic... this moment.. when in my mind i was still counting down from 10 was actually the second I came to... and the whole procedure was over yet funnily I was still counting down in my head! Gasping for air... nurses shouting at me to leave the tube in and calm down.. and the relief that I was ok... there wasn't really a risk that I wasn't going to be ok.. but my over active imagination and too many spooky movies have led me down the CSI path in life.. and although a complete optimist.. my family, in particular my mother, would lead you to believe it was open heart surgery from which I would never return! So once I opened my eyes and saw that the light wasn't at the end of a tunnel with a dude in a long white dress and beard but from the recovery room ... I felt fantastic! I felt alive.. albeit in a clinical and sterile environment, which couldn't be the more opposite of me.. the clutter queen.. The first thing I asked for was water.. and a small, or we all PC here and lets say vertically challenged, philippino nurse called Buster brought me a cup of ice.. he was wearing burgundy scrubs... he laughed at my ganglion on my left wrist.... I couldn't talk because with such a dry throat and fasting fir 24 hrs I just needed to replenish my fluids... that cool plastic cup of ice was better than any G&T I've tasted... looking around from bed to bed I could see how other people were returning from their operations too... and as my eyes started to get more and more focussed I can still see the young woman across from me who had just had a full hysterectomy aged 36, we had been chatting on the trolleys before hand and she was still knocked out... the sheets felt cold.. even though I had been on them for a few hours.. they felt cold to touch... I thought that strange... I could smell toast.. I felt alive... and just for the record, it was one of those ovary-type-gal procedures... no need to look away boys!


  1. Heh. Great description! The counting back from 10 bit made my smile -- and so did the ice that was better than a G&T

  2. What a great experience and description.

    The only time I've ever had surgery (very minor), I just felt sick.

  3. Good description! It happens like that when you fall asleep, too, you know? You're sure you've only just fallen asleep and you've only actually been asleep for at least an hour?

    But YAY for coming through it okay!


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