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11 things...

Prompt: 11 Things. What are 11 things your life doesn't need in 2011? How will you go about eliminating them? How will getting rid of these 11 things change your life? 

Eleven things ... I ... don't... need... deep breathe...

I don't need (or WANT!) -

• to keep making excuses! Enough said!

• to listen to my in-laws anymore! I can pretend to listen but I don't need to absorb ANYTHING they say! They're TOXIC to both of us.

• friends who aren't real...

• Walkers Crisps - Prawn flavoured grab bags... oh dear god my mouth is watering just typing it!

• to forgive everyone all the time.. its time I held a few grudges!

• to worry so much.. the extension will be built, I will continue with my weigh loss.. the world will still turn!

• to be SO paranoid! People are FAR too busy with their own lives to be watching me 24/7, no more self doubt!

• to bend to the "baby pressure" .. if it happens it happens.. if it doesn't .. it doesn't... time to focus on my health and whatever happens.. happens.. enough with the drama...

• to bin ALL the clothes that DON'T fit.. big and small!!! I'm a nightmare! IF i actually made some space for the clothes I wear everyday, I might actually leave the house content!

• to put things "UP SAFE" .. when we move back into the house .. I need a PROPER filling system.. I can't find a single thing I put up safe! sigh..

• my husbands smoking habit... watch me turn bad cop with this one!

How to eliminate them... do my best.. be happy and stay on track!

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