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Oct 30, 2010


This has been a major concern of mine ... and this has happened with previous weight loss attempts .. is sabotage. People who really don't want you to lose weight... why? Whats the motive behind it? I'm finding out that people who I respect and admire are in on the act and I can't understand why? Is it a jealousy thing? Is being the fat friend really compulsory? are they happy that they've got me in a niche in their lives and now are afraid that my personality will change? I won't be the funny, jolly friend to stand outside changing rooms reassuring them of their looks? Its quite extraordinary and totally surprising. And its the people I suspected the least! People with a lot of weight to lose themselves... who should understand! I suppose once I address my problem its going to make them face THEIRS! If I change then they will have to face up to their situation... Is it a case of having to move on without them? To stand up and fight the fight and to hell with them? I'm really unsettled by this. Its brought up flaws in characters which I didn't even know existed. There will be more investigation into this... I'm saddened by the reactions of some..


  1. I don't think that they mean to. I think it's just an automatic defense mechanism. If the two of you are fat together, no problem. But if you become thin, then she's the fat friend.

    I've stopped talking to my friends about my weight loss, because I feel like they always try to sabotage it. I don't think they're doing it to hurt me -- I think they're doing it to keep from hurting themselves. One of them is this thin little stick and I could never be as thin as her, but she is incredibly insecure. So, yeah. I've just learned not to speak about it and to just eat whatever I eat and pretend like it's normal or just say "I'm not hungry" if they ask why I'm eating so little.


  2. Hi SD!

    Thanks for stopping by and not making me feel alone about my in-laws.

    When I first started blogging, I actually wrote about dieting, but I've gotten way off the track. Which mirrors my dieting efforts.
    Ba, dump, bump.

    I can relate to sabotage. My husband is my biggest saboteur, although I do believe he is oblivious to it. Women usually do it with insecurity/jealousy as a motive. That's doesn't necessarily make it "mean," but does give it a self-serving twist.

    Be strong. Ten down. Go for it!