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Saturday Pizzas

It's SATURDAY!!! Havin' a pizza night? It's such an easy way to get dinner done, feels like a treat and you're not thinking 'what the hell am I going to cook now?!" There's a fab Irish pizza company called Saturday Pizzas and you'll find their handmade, wood fired pizzas in Aldi at the moment in the freezer section... (google their website for other stockists too!)  I've done the SPs per half and quarter pizza 'cause they're definitely big enough for sharing! AND they're ready in 5 mins, so you're not in the kitchen AGAIN! Anyone tried them out? x

Saturday Pizza - Pepperoni
per half pizza - 15SP
per quarter pizza - 8SP

Saturday Pizza - Margherita
per half pizza - 14SP
per quarter pizza - 7SP

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