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Almond milk V Oat milk?

There's always so many flavoured almond milk drinks to choose from isn't there? I love using unsweetened almond milk in my porridge, I just can't put it in my tea yet... eek! But I spotted these in the dairy section in Tesco and wondered how big of a difference there was between oat and almond milk... The little fermented drinks were just beside them, just added in case someone fancied them! Anyone an Alpro fan like me? x
Alpro - Daily Vitality Super ALMOND Drink -  
up to 130ml - 0SP 
750ml - 3SP

Alpro - Daily Vitality Super OAT Drink -  
100ml - 1SP 
750ml - 6SP
Alpro - Fermented Oat Drink - Love Your Gut
Strawberry, Apple & Raspberry flavour 
per 240ml - 6SP 

Alpro - Fermented Oat Drink - Love Your Gut
Mango & passionfruit flavour 
per 240ml - 6SP 

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