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Coconut Milk Ice desserts - Lidl

I'm still clinging onto summer for dear life, I know who am I kidding... this time of year is when I really need to be as upbeat as I can and make sure I'm getting out and about... I spotted these in Lidl and bought the coconut one for my mum & dad so I got to try one without being stuck with the box of 'em... YUM! Really creamy and coconutty (that's a word right?!) Vegan too! I think there was 6 in the box in total... it's a yes from me! Anyone tried the choccie one? x
Gelatelli - Vegan Coconut Milk Ice Dessert
per 60g pop - 7SP

Gelatelli - Vegan Coconut Milk Ice Dessert - Chocolate Flavour
per 60g pop - 7SP


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