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New ready meals from M&S!

New ready meals from M&S for the days when you just can't face the kitchen anymore! Lord knows there's enough cooking done in Decembet! These are the kind of ready meals you can cook and eat over two nights if you wanted too, just add a load of veggies and you're set! So I've done the SPs for half and full portions below! Anyone tried them out? x

M&S Food - Pork & Apple Sausages with root veg crush
per 200g - 6SP
per 400g - 12SP

M&S Food - Moreish Chicken Pie with root veg topping
per 200g - 5SP
per 400g - 10SP

M&S Food - Roasted butternut squash pasta bake
per 200g - 9SP
per 400g - 18SP

M&S Food - Comforting cottage pie with root veg crush
per 200g - 6SP
per 400g - 13SP

M&S Food - Flaming chicken masala with pilau rice
per 200g - 8SP
per 400g - 17SP

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