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Single serve pasta sauces...

Another individually portioned product that might save you time when the dark nights are drawing in and you're just in the door late, this time from Dolmio... These sachets are all in 150g sachets, bar the Tomato and Basil flavour... I spotted two plant based versions too for vegetarians and vegans. 45seconds in the microwave and chuck it on some pasta... dinner! I spotted these in Supervalu... Anyone tried them out? x


Dolmio Plant Based Bolognese - Fiery Chilli, Pepper & Beans
per 150g sachet - 3SP

Dolmio Plant Based Bolognese - Fragrant Basil & Carrots
per 150g sachet - 3SP

Dolmio Pasta Sauce - Tomato & Basil
per 170g sachet - 4SP

Dolmio Pasta Sauce - Carbonara
per 150g sachet - 6SP

Dolmio Pasta Sauce - Creamy Tomato
per 150g sachet - 4SP

Dolmio Pasta Sauce - Mini Meatballs
per 150g sachet - 3SP

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