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On your marks... Get set... Bake!

Ok... So we're all not Mary Berry BUT we can all be Mrs. Kipling or bake a Cadburys brownie thanks to these all in one cake mix boxes... I spotted these purely for the Halloween cupcakes and thought it might be something people would do with the kids over the break... The others I pointed out of curiosity, and I promise you, there are no typos... OH MY! Now the cakes say they serve 12... I know... The SmartPoints are for the cake as fully baked... But aren't the cupcakes cute! Anyone baked one? x

Mr. Kipling - Halloween Chocolate Cupcake Mix
per 32g cupcake - 4SP
Mr. Kipling - Zingy Lemon Cake Mix
per 60g slice - 9SP
Full cake - 108SP

Mr. Kipling - Unicorn Cake Mix
per 60g slice- 9SP
Full cake -  103SP
Cadbury Brownie Mix
per 31g brownie - 6SP
Cadbury Cookie Mix
per 32g cookie - 6SP

Cadbury Sponge Mix
per 61g slice - 9SP



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