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Are you a V.I.B?

New range of biccies out from McVities, V.I.Bs! There are three flavours in the range, and they look like they'll be fancy schmancy enough for the Xmas cuppa, you know with the GOOD cups!!! AND since we're not allowed visitors, hopefully by Xmas, you can indulge in one yourself... unless you can't be trusted with the packet! Just me? Anyone a V.I.B eater yet? x

McVities V.I.B Classic Caramel Bliss 
per 16.7g biscuit - 3SP



McVities V.I.B Heavenly Chocolate Hazelnut 
per 16.7g biscuit - 3SP



McVities V.I.B Luscious Blood Orange
per 16.7g biscuit - 3SP 

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