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Pumpkin Pasta is a thing!

New fresh pastas from Aldi... I spotted the seasonal pumpkin packaging and just had to see how they were points wise... I think they're pretty good! The thing I love about these are they're quick and comforting... by the time the water is boiling your in your PJs and ready for the Bake Off! SmartPoints are for the pasta when it's cooked just in case you spot the packet and think it's weighed out wrong... it's the added water to plump it up! Pumpkin pasta going on the menu in Casa Kinsella! Anyone tried these yet? x

Pumpkin & Pine Nuts Girasoli
per 160g portion cooked - 9SP

Parmigiano Reggiano Tortelloni
per 168g portion cooked - 11SP

'Nduja & Burrata Mezzelune
per 155g portion cooked - 13SP


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