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The Comeback!

You know when life throws a curve ball at you and all your good intentions go out the window? How many of us just throw the towel in and think 'that's it, I'm never going to be happy in my body! I'm never going to feel comfortable being me... what's the point?!' So we let the voices in our head win... we don't trust ourselves enough to believe we really can do it! Because we can, we really can! We just need to work out what we REALLY need to do it... Like minded friends? A meeting where everyone feels the same but can give you tips about getting stronger... Do you need an online buddy to check in with? My thinking has always been, if I was able to do this on my own I would have done it by now but I can't! If I was able to stop binging and purging on my own I wouldn't have needed counsellors or mentors or a sponsor for all those years, I still need them... I need support, I need motivation, I need accountability. However you get these things, at a meeting, a club, a gym, in a FaceBook group if they make you happy you're half way there! 

We CAN feel better about ourselves, we CAN feel positive and happy... it's not about numbers on scales... it's not about a label on a dress... it's about how you feel about you and that's hard work! We don't give ourselves time to be a priority, there's too much going on with family, friends, work, life and we always seem to put ourselves on the bottom of the list... I get so fed up with myself but I don't quit. Although I've been off the radar for a while because of 'life' I know what it feels like to be happier than I am now, so I've got to get my mindset back into gear and get back there... 

C'mon people lets make the comeback stronger than ever... *puts on 'Eye of the Tiger' LOUDLY* 


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