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What if...

Asking yourself some tough questions can sometimes really make you see the bigger picture... 

'What if... '

Really think about these... If I don't start eating healthily now, how will I look and feel in 6 months? The NSV (non scale victories) are way more important here... how will you feel about yourself on your holidays? How will your skin feel? Will it be traumatic just looking in your wardrobe? Are you going to feel comfy on the plane? Will you feel more self conscious? You want to swim with the kids in the sea... they won't remember you belly, they'll remember how much fun they had with you...  and it's not about being at goal or being skinny... it's about being happy in your own skin... 

Asking yourself 'what if...' might be the trigger to write down an achievable goal that you can work towards...  when you notice your health improving you really do feel so much better about you and your self esteem soars... it can keep you motivated and on track... it's a bit of tough love when we're too scared to be honest with ourselves... What if you didn't nourish yourself well? How would you feel by Christmas? Feel the fear and ask yourself the question today... it might give you the boost you need... x 


  1. Going on holidays 04/08 and I've been kinda winging it so this is a great piece as we head into a bank holiday weekend

  2. This is a great piece doll..I haven't been on your page for a while but love are an inspiration to all of us...Thank you xx


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