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M&S multi pack munchies!

If you're a crisp fiend like me, here's some nibbles from M&S that might hit the spot... 5 bags in each multi pack, SmartPoints are per bag/portion... Anyone tried them out? 


M&S Cool Mini Tortillas, per 20g bag - 3SP

M&S Smoky Bacon Lentil Tubes, per 22g bag - 3SP

M&S Sour Cream & Chilli Lentil Curls per 22g bag - 3SP

M&S Cracked Black Pepper & Salt Popped Chips, per 23g bag - 3SP

M&S Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar Lentil Curls, per 22g bag - 2SP


  1. The tortilla ones and the black pepper ones are lovely, especially for their SP value


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