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Jan 15, 2018

Who's the boss?

You know when then crisps are calling (screaming) your name from the kitchen cupboard... in moments of weakness we forget we do have the power to say no, but the struggle is real... My old leader used to say, when an ad comes on the telly for chocolate suddenly we have the urge to find a chocolate bar and we all know where there's one in the house somewhere! But if an ad comes on for washing powder, does anyone get the urge to jump up from the TV and pop on a load or hit the ironing board? Nope... the pleasure food gives us, the short satisfaction we get from a cookie, and it is only temporary, is something I personally need to keep an eye on... food is fuel... food is for celebrations and nourishment... It really doesn't help when you're sad, I mean the post-Christmas bloat is testament to that! So deep breathe and ask yourself if you're really in control... 

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  1. Just what I needed to hear today after a week of madness!

    Thanks Doll xxx