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Jan 30, 2018

Veggie Rice...

How do we all feel about cauliflower rice? Come on admit it? I actually quite like cauliflower rice but I love it IN my stir fries, for me I need the flavour, herbs and spices to enjoy it... I find when you put it with sauces it's just like rice but on its own, I feel like I'm licking the wall...  It can be very bland but so versatile... and it you are trying to save points and get some rollovers for more gin *raises both hands* it can be great! It's fab to add to mash potatoes... half the SPs and still got that creamy potato taste, especially good as a topping on SP friendly shepherd pie! 

This is the new range of veggie rice from Green Isle, you'll find them in the freezer section in the supermarket (I took these pics in Tesco)... There's 3 in the range and they all come in individual portions of 160g (2 portions per bag)... The ingredients for the broccoli is just that 100% broccoli, so it's 0SP ...Same for the cauliflower rice... The Super Green rice I've listed the ingredients, again it's 0SP... I think these are very handy to have in the freezer, lash them into soups (cauliflower when it's blended makes soups lovely and creamy) and they steam in a few minutes, with some chicken, stir fried veggies, you'd only have to SmartPoint your sauce! Bargain! 


Green Isle, Cauliflower rice, per 160g pouch - 0SP
The only ingredient in it is cauliflower. 

Green Isle, Broccoli rice, per 160g pouch - 0SP
The only ingredient in it is broccoli. 

Green Isle, Super greens rice, per 160g pouch - 0SP
The ingredients are Broccoli, kale, spinach, zucchini and 2% seaweed. 
Again makes it 0SPs per portion.

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