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Oct 26, 2016

no TRICKS just TREATS... M&S

Some of the goodies you'll spot in M&S from their  'no TRICKS just TREATS' range!
Gotta love that packaging though!

Spooky Ghosts & Vampire Bats salted potato snacks
per 25g serv - 4 SP
per 150g bag - 22SP

Petrifyingn Pumpkins cheese flavoured potato snacks
per 30g serv - 4SP
per 150g bag - 21SP

Fizzy Fangtastic Popcorn
per 30g serv - 6SP
per 80g bag - 28SP

EERIE Eyeballs & pumpkins
per 130g bag - 36SP

Zombie Jelly Brains
per 6g jelly - 1SP
per 300g bag - 54SP

Popping Candy Spiders
per 112g bag - 31SP

Witches Fingers biscuit with fondant icing
per 12g finger - 3SP
per pack (5 fingers) - 13SP

Creepy Coated chocolate beans (Spooky smarties!)
per 20 g - 5SP

Super Scary Fizzy Spiders
per 120g bag - 20SP

Ghostly Minibites per 205g pack - 44SP

Sweet & Sour Gruesome Gargoyles
per 120g bag - 20SP

Wicked Witches Hats
per 120g bag - 20SP


  1. Hi Skinny doll. A few month ago I wouldn't have any problems to probably munch through a bag a two but since going to WW and seeing the SP on these products i want be touching any sweets this weekend :-) Thank you for doing all the work. Hope you are doing alright x

    1. It's mad how blinkered we all were to the amount of sugar in things! Hope you're well x