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The secret is...

If I had a euro for every single time I've been asked, 'what's your secret?' I'd be a rich lady with a pool boy! The secret is... there is NO secret! Honestly! I struggle just like every one else, there's no secret club of people who have lost weight with the manual on how it's done and we're not sharing with everyone. About a month ago I had a MAJOR wobble, I was going to take break from it all, weight watchers, blogging, life! I'd had enough and I wasn't enjoying any of it! But like many who succeed at any healthy lifestyle change I realised I just HAD to stick with it... I didn't give up, did I really want to go back to where I'd started and do it all again? I've done that before! It gets harder every single time! The thought of it fills me with dread! Even though I wobbled, I made sure I had people around me who could listen to me moan, pass me a tissue or give me the kick in the pants I needed... 

I have sat in my car at dawn, outside the swimming pool MANY MANY times talking myself IN and OUT of going inside. Now, I know I'll feel amazing after it, I KNOW it's good for me, but I've a list of excuses to draw from that would frighten you... 'my hair will get wet' well DUH I'm getting into tank of water! 'It's COLD...' it's always cold here whats new? ... Even now that I'm happy enough to WALK to the pool side from the changing room (it was the only time I ever ran!), I often use that as an excuse, if there's a kids class on I don't want them staring at the 'big fat lady'... seriously they're just trying not to drown! 

I have sat in the car outside my weight watchers class, talking myself into not going inside! There have been moments when I've started the car thinking 'I'll go home, have a treat, then start tomorrow, track like a demon and come back next week down LOADS!' Sound familiar? Ever happen? Of course not! The first thing we do is have a treat... for NOT going into class! I mean seriously! 

I still procrastinate... EVERYONE does but regardless you have to push through it if you really want it... because no one can do it for you... and when you hit that wall and it feels like being on a diet is never going to end, then sit down and take stock... think about the day you got on the scales for the first time... how you dreaded someone else knowing THAT number... and how you were full of determination... You can do it! It's just about how badly you want it... You've got to be prepared to make a plan, get wet walking in the rain, be up on the scales some weeks when you really don't feel like you deserved it... but the bigger picture is pulling up your knickers every fives minutes because they're getting too big (true story!)... someone you haven't seen for a while compliment you and not saying 'thanks pennys!' ... and have those little moments that make you think 'WOW'... the first time I got up the stairs with out needing a paramedic I did a double take... did I just do that? I'm not out of breathe, I didn't have to stop, I like this! 

Don't look for the magic pill, it doesn't exist... don't blame everything else on your health you're responsible for you and if you fall down don't stay there... keep getting up... you will get there but not by sitting in one place! xxx


  1. I really respect your honesty in your blog posts, so many things in life can be overwhelming at the best of times - you have so much respect and admiration from me for sticking with it! :^)

    1. Life throws us curve balls all the time and no one.. NO ONE has a perfect journey... it's not possible... and when you see others struggling too it makes you realise we're all just trying to get to goal... if it was easy we'd all be skinny! LOL x

  2. Oh so many times I have been in the same boat. First time to go through the doors to slimming world was more like going to the dentist( which I hate!) I did lose some weight, never got to goal so here I am again after doing the Cambridge , weight watchers,cabbage soup, only eating raw food, only eating fruit,slim fast and slimming pills through the doctors. 30 years later I'm now back with Weight watchers and thank god to a friend and finding your great blog I feel more alive and happy each day.There are No more excuses and No secrets in losing the weight once and for all. Only wish the summer would arrive, still wearing my fleecy in the house :-) At my meeting this week were a lady who have lost 13 stone and have 27 pounds left to goal. She looked lovely. I'm a bit scared sometimes if I will get a lot of loose skin if loosing the weight , is that something you evert hought about ? Take care x


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