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Veggie crisps from Lidl!

Everyone knows I could leave a tin of roses open on my desk all year and only bother with them if I was eating mindlessly / annoyed / happy / sad / angry or fed up wit the world chocolate just doesn't do it for me... but crisps... ALL things savoury ... LOVE! I spotted these in Lidl, the bags are 100g so technically for sharing (Like people SHARE!) so the SmartPoint values are per 100g bag and also per 25g portion... Anyone tried them? x

Deluxe, Hand Cooked Sweet Potato Crisps with Chilli & Lime per 100g bag - 18SP
per 25g portion - 4SP

Deluxe, Hand Cooked Mixed Vegetable Crisps with Sea Salt, Garlic & Oregano, per 100g bag - 19SP
per 25g portion - 5SP

Deluxe, Hand Cooked Vegetable Crisps with Sea Salt, per 100g bag - 19SP
per 25g portion - 5SP


  1. Hey I have tried the Cooked Vegetable Crisps with sea salt they are yum but so not worth the 19SP (cause Im one of those I dont share ha ha ha)

    1. I know exactly what you mean! 'sharing bag' LOL!!! x


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