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Jul 11, 2016

Never apologise!

I am an only child and in french we are called 'enfant unique' ...

Je suis enfant unique...  

My mum has been calling me a 'free spirit' since I can remember, it was a regular line she used at parent teacher meetings... as far as she was concerned when I was a kid, nothing was out of my reach until sadly I grew up, and my mind played games with me and I didn't believe her any more, I believed strangers, I though they were right about me, thought they knew me better than anyone else, even better than I knew myself and I doubted who I was... I believed these people even though they didn't even know me... 

This week, don't apologise for who you are! There is no one else on the planet like you... there never will be again and you have something amazing to offer everyone! You are unique, no one will have the children you have, no one will feel the love that you do for your partner, you are amazing!  

This week... be you.. wonderful, amazing fabulous you! 

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  1. Brilliant post, as I'm also an "enfant unique"!
    My mum always called me Independent Annie (even though my name's Janis!).
    I'm proud of this now as I believe my strong independent streak got me where I am in life and helped get through the tough times.