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When you feel like quitting... read this out loud... 

How many times have we all had to 'start again'? 
Don't... just don't, we all have bad weeks...  don't let one bad meal end your journey... 
Don't give yourself permission to derail because you had 'one bad day...' there will always be bad days, and there will be good days that can put you off plan too but that's called life... We celebrate and commiserate with food, it's a global thing, we sit down and share our day with the people we love over dinner, we wake up happy to start the day with them over breakfast... and just because we fall down, doesn't mean we should stay there... every time you quit, you only have to start again because you never really wanted to stop... and why stop and start when you can just get up, dust yourself off and keep going regardless of whats happened in the past.. 
just keep going... it's going to be so worth it!

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  1. Oh dear! Thus post sums me up so well. Have just had a really bad week, reacting to my emotions by overeating. Back to class this morning, fingers crossed for a renewed sense of commitment.


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