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ChillyMoo Frozen Yoghurt!

It's coming into the ice cream season.. it is... no really... we've been promised another heatwave!!!! Sigh... still who doesn't love a bit of ice cream?!?!

Spotted these frozen yoghurts from ChillyMoo in my local Supervalu in both 120ml and 500ml tubs!
There are 3 flavours available I've SmartPointed the 120ml tubs below...
Anyone tried them out? 

ChillyMoo Frozen Yogurt, Mixed Berry 120ml - 6SP

ChillyMoo Frozen Yogurt, Strawberry 120ml - 5SP

ChillyMoo Frozen Yogurt, Banana & Strawberry 120ml - 6SP


  1. Oh must try these. Lovely treat!!

  2. Oh must try these. Lovely treat!!

  3. Sadly we don't have Supervalu in the North. I wonder where else would do them

  4. We have a supervalue in Co. Down, must check this out


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