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Spirit of Summer from M&S...

Summer is a-comin' ... woo hoo! 
That means BBQ goodies and dips are already appearing on the shelves... 
Here's a selection of the 'Spirit of Summer' dips available in M&S... 
Note the tubs vary in size, so I've SmartPointed them per tub... 

Bring on the heat wave!!! 

M&S 'Spirit of Summer' Tomato Salsa, 200g tub - 6SP

M&S 'Spirit of Summer' Sour Cream & Chive Dip, 230g tub - 32SP

M&S 'Spirit of Summer' reduced Fat Sour Cream & Chive Dip, 230g tub - 13SP

M&S 'Spirit of Summer' Cooling Mint Yogurt Dip, 170g tub - 9SP

M&S 'Spirit of Summer' 3 Salsa Selection, Total portion is 210g  - 8SP
Charred corn salsa 70g - 4SP 
Roast pepper salsa 70g - 2SP
Tomato salsa 70g - 2SP

M&S 'Spirit of Summer' Chunky Guacamole, 170g tub - 10SP

M&S 'Spirit of Summer' Piquillo & Red Pepper dip, 170g tub - 7SP

M&S 'Spirit of Summer' Sweetcorn Chilli Dip, 170g tub - 6SP

M&S 'Spirit of Summer' Sweet Chilli Dip, 170g tub - 18SP

M&S 'Spirit of Summer' Spicy Malagueta Chilli Dip, 150g tub - 29SP

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