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Start... just start...

Everyone took that first step... everyone felt that shame going through the door... everyone has had that feeling of dread... everyone thought ALL the eyes were boring into them,  you know that voice in your head 'I bet they're all staring at the new girl' 'state of her'... 'god how did she get THAT big'... we've all got that voice... everyone panicked that they weren't wearing the right trainers / sports bra / t-shirt, yes I still wear my CURE t-shirt to the pool but I'm coming back into fashion again! We all panic that we're going to get some uber babe in a crop top telling us the blinding obvious 'You're fat...' and worse some Jillian wannabe who tries to make us sick with the fright of exercise... but it's never like that... The second time it's not so hard... the third time, you're into a little routine... by the time you're exercising a couple of weeks, you're walking in, nodding to the receptionist, you have 'your' locker... you park in the same spot and you're a regular... but you've got to make that first step... it doesn't have to be in a gym, you have a gym at home... we've all got stairs, tins of beans and a street outside... take that first walk... don't mind the neighbours, this is about YOU, your body and your health, the curtain twitchers should be out there with you! Ignore the people overtaking you in the park, good for them but you'll get there too at your pace...  Ignore the people in the changing room and those on the treadmill... they had to walk through the door the first time too... and if you're doing what you're doing, they'll respect it... and honestly, most people really don't care... everyone is just doing their own thing and trust me, we're not as important as we think we are... Paranoia is just between our own ears! 

I swim regularly because of my dodgy knee, and the treadmills from the gym overlook the pool... 

tangent.. this is the only time I run.. from the changing room to the pool... I'm a national disaster waiting to happen when I slip.. and it will happen... eek!

One day as I was leaving, there was a man in the reception area waiting for his wife, she's in my aqua fit class ... as I nodded goodbye he said 'You did really well toady... 48 lengths...' I had to correct him because I do 50, but he could've been right what with the counting, breathing, trying not to drown palava... but he was counting me going up and down as he was walking... he said he usually counts peoples lengths because the music drives him mad and there's no TVs there and he forgets about how long he has left to do so he counts the people swimming in the pool... whatever it takes right!

There's another man who swims at the same speed as me and we sometimes share a lane... we speak a few words once a month but there's a mutual respect.. we're not going to Rio any time soon, but we're both working on our health, that's all we have in common... there are people walking up and down the pool, there are people storming past in the fast lane, there are people just doing exercises hanging onto the edge for dear life, but we've all got the same goal, get fitter! People just wanting to be better versions of themselves and that first step is the hardest part... but take it... you will only be improving your life every day x 


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