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Pizza your way!

Lots of requests on how I made the pizza on Saturday night from my instagram pic... 
So here's a step by step of how I do it... the beauty of this recipe is you can add anything you like... it's a personalised pizza just for you! 

This recipe comes to 16SP for the lot and this is more than enough for two... and I'm saying that as a massive pizza lover! This gal doesn't share!

First up, pick your favourite wrap... You can use the smaller ones to make individual pizzas!
Pita bread work too... 

TIP: Use a tray with holes if you have one, it stops it getting soggy in the middle as it cooks!
I got mine in Home Store and More dead cheap! 

TIP: If you use pineapple make sure you drain it off first on some kitchen roll, 
it'll soak right through your wrap and things just get messy! 
I learned the hard way... 

I use these tomato and basil wheat flour wraps from Country Kitchen Bakery for 6 SP each
TIP: These freeze well, just put a sheet of greaseproof paper between them 
and you can have pizza anytime!

Next add your tomato base, I like the tomato puree for the sweet flavour it adds for 1 SP

Then add what you like... I added a tomato... 

half a left over pepper...


Chicken breast I'd chopped up with some chilli flakes for 2 SP

2 grilled bacon medallions chopped up for 1 SP

Then season... I'm a black pepper fan but I also added some italian seasoning, garlic salt 
and some smoked paprika

TIP: there are LOADS of great herbs and spices to use on pizzas, try out a few, you won't regret it...

and lastly, wouldn't be a pizza without cheese so 4SP spent on that!

I didn't have any BBQ sauce, but this was left over from Christmas so 2SP to drizzle a bit on top..

The into the oven and keep your eye on it... it's a fast one! 

Et Voila! 16SP of pizza goodness!!! I could barely eat half of it and god knows I tried!

So there you go, pizza  your way... 
passata is another great base, tinned tomatoes 
(just drain them well no one likes a soggy bottom) 
laughing cow triangles, any left over veggies are lovely on this,
perfect for when things are on their last legs in the fridge ... 
caramelise some onions, the 1SP sausages are great... the list is endless!


  1. As a total pizza lover I am definitely trying this!! Looks delish!

  2. Looks absolutely yum!

  3. yummy... such a great idea :-) putting wraps & cheese (cant keep the real stuff in the house, I eat it standing in front on the fridge! true story!!!) on the shopping list

    1. i have a habit of 'straightening' the cheese block.. over and over again! eek! pretty sure I was a mouse in a previous life!

  4. Omg!!! This looks fab. Weekend treat me thinks!! Kids would love making these as well!!!

    1. Its' great because every one you make can be different.. x

  5. Just made this - delicious!! Can I ask how long and what temperature you cooked yours for? Thank you!! 😁

    1. Hi Jenna, I cook mine for approx 15 mins on Gas mark 4 but you really have to keep your eye on it... the edges of the wrap can crisp up (BURN!) so it's a lower temp and keep an eye on it! x

    2. Thanks a million. Am gonna give it a second go Fri night. Was neeeeearly right last week. X

  6. So.,,what's the temp in down under speak please?


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