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Chinese Crackers...

With the most popular question in the last few weeks being 'how may points a chinese now?' 
here's the answer...

It's impossible to know exactly, even on ProPoints no one was 100% sure, different take aways vary in their cooking methods, what oils they use, portion sizes... there's just too many variables to be precise... Research has shown, a sweet and sour chicken dish, from two different take aways varied from 13 teaspoons of sugar in one to 31 teaspoons in the other... so it's guess work, it's sharing dishes, picking boiled rice over fried, choosing chow meins like before... make the rice yourself, control the bits you can and get what you really want for a main, I'm happy to get the wok out and make it at home but sometimes you just really WANT a chinese... so common sense... 

Heres the Smart Points of some of the prawn crackers out there...  

Tesco Thai Spiced Crackers 60g bag - 10SP

Sharwoods Prawn Crackers per 60g bag - 10SP

Tesco Prawn Crackers per 60g bag - 10SP

Marks & Spencer Prawn Crackers per 50g bag - 8SP

I'll be putting up some Chinese recipes over the next few weeks that are easy and delicious to make! 


  1. POints/calories are SOOOO subjective!!!! Only way to know for sure is to have a recipe and follow it strictly!

    1. Exactly.. it's too hard to just make a guess either in my opinion x

  2. I love homemade chinese, really looking forward to your recipes x

    1. and once you get the hang of it they taste as good as a takeaway! x

  3. Brilliant site!thanks a million! Making ww way easier to follow x


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