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The City Kitchen...

For the new people following... Firstly... HELLO! Every Tuesday I put up some new products that I've find on my travels around the supermarkets! This week it's 'The City Kitchen' which I spotted in my local Tesco... These are ready meals made with fresh ingredients so the lesser of the evils as far as preservatives go and ready meals can be so handy sometimes... I'm all about batch cooking but in an emergency these might be handy for you! All 385g portions...  let me know if you've tried them! xxx

The City Kitchen, Chicken Teriyaki Noodles 'Skinny' 385g portion - 11SP

The City Kitchen, King Prawn, Sundried Tomato & Chilli Linguine, 385g portion - 13SP

The City Kitchen, Shredded Hoisin Duck with noodles, 385g portion - 15SP

The City Kitchen, Vegetables with Coconut & lentil pilaf, 385g portion - 15SP

The City Kitchen, King Prawn Red Thai Curry, 385g portion - 15SP


  1. Ohhhh definitely want to try the hoisin duck!

  2. Yum...they don't look bad at all.

  3. I've had them before they are lovely! My fav is the hoisin duck.

  4. Hi I am new - only started by going to my first meeting yesterday - i had bought a good few of the WW ready meals - chicken curry, chicken hotpot, spag ball etc but i cant figure out how to work out the smart points - any idea?


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