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Dec 10, 2015

'Y' #xmascountdown

'Y' is for 

YOU! You are the reason you are doing this... YOU want Your body to feel better... You want to look good and be able to do things without getting breathless and looking like a beetroot! If YOU're in a better frame of mind every benefits and YOU and your loved ones are worth it... 

I've always said it's not selfish to take some time out and just take care of yourself... You can be a better person if you're in a better frame of mind, being unhappy.. spreads unhappiness... 

So take care of you and the world benefits!

Two recipes from Nancy from Skinny Kitchen >>> HERE <<< 

Frozen Yogurt Dots! A quick and easy sweet treat! 
Recipe >>> HERE <<<

Any Skinny Feta Yogurt Dip! This is amazing! Recipe >>> HERE <<< 

Sheryl is one of the first weight watcher bloggers I followed when I started blogging... She is amazing... and she has a pink cruiser which is on my list when I get to goal! Check her out >>> HERE


  1. Thanks so much for sharing my 2 recipes.
    Wishing you a deliciously skinny holiday season!
    My best wishes,

    1. Have a lovely Christmas and New Year Nancy... Doll x