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Dec 4, 2015

'X' - #xmascountdown

'X' is for ...

eXcuses... and this time of year there are plenty...

'sure it's only a few weeks till the new year I'll start back then..'

'It's miserable out there... I'll go for my walk tomorrow...'

'Oh feck it, it's Xmas I'll have a few sweets... I'll be EXTRA good when I get home... ' 


'The dress won't fit me anyway so I might as well forget it...' 

familiar anyone? 

The average amount that people put on over xmas is between 5 and 7 pounds... you add the weeks running up to Xmas and the week between it and New Year... there's a lot of time to do a lot of damage ... There are 21 meals in a week... you are in control of all of them... having fibre rich, low PP breakfasts will allow you to save some points for the festivities, keeping up the water intake will make you feel better and less sluggish, and realising you won't dissolve in the rain if you eXercise, means that you can have your Forrero Rocher and eat it! 

No one wants to be a spoil sport but binging will only lead to you feeling rubbish... tired... and like you can't ever get back in control... I don't want to start the new year needing to lose weight I've already lost! PLUS I want to look and feel comfortable and happy when I'm out over Xmas... not Miss "I'm-doing-WW-I'm-no-fun-wait-till-next-year-lads' ... Have a G&T, and a slice of Auntie Marys Plum pudding... it's legendary but don't let it spiral out of control to a point where you just feel miserable and guilty for enjoying something and having some fun... If you do lose the plot, get over yourself and back on the wagon, guilt is just a wasted emotion and won't help anyone least of all you... you can end up in a vicious circle of binging and feeling guilty for it and going no where fast... Every day is a fresh start, and just remember Xmas is only one day... 

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