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Apr 19, 2015

Sticky Mango Chicken with a Lemon Potato Salad...

Ok so I'm a little but obsessed with the recipes in this book at the moment but I love cookbooks that show me what the final result should look like when I'm finished cooking... and you could really lick every page of this one! 


This week... Sticky Mango Chicken with a Lemon Potato Salad! The mango chutney in this recipe gives the chicken a fab sticky glaze... Plus any excuse to eat salad after the soup fest over the last few months yeah?! *drools* 

The only change I've made from the book is I used spray oil on my potatoes instead of olive oil... mine were left overs and just needed crisping up... 

Whats in it?

4 breasts of chicken - 16PP ... 4PP per portion

75g mango chutney - 8PP ... 1tsp = 1PP
500g baby potatoes - 10PP ... 2PP per portion
2 tbsp tomato puree - 1PP
   The recipe uses tomato ketchup I just prefer puree...

Spray Oil
Lemon, zest and juice

Total ProPoints serving 4 - 35PP

Total ProPoints per portion - 9PP


Warm up the oven to gas mark 6/200C/180c Fan ... If you're cooking your potatoes from scratch, par boil them first then spray with oil, season and get them in the oven... 

Lightly spray a non stick pan and pop your chicken in to cook... 
I've used chicken strips, same weight as 4 breasts 
but looks like so much more on your plate!

Assemble your goodies in a bowl... I had no fresh chilli so I used crushed ones... 

and give them a good mix... 

get your chicken onto some foil... 
then brush the mixture liberally all over... 

Then under the grill for 10 mins, glazing as you go... 

Once the coating starts to caramelise, you want it all sticky and sweet... 
start to assemble! 

Lots of salad leaves, your crispy baby spuds, the yummy sticky chicken 
and a squeeze of lemon juice... finger licking good I tell ya! 

Quite the feast for 9PP! 

Now to find someone to do the washing up eh?!

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  1. I finally got to make this for my dinner last night, it was absolutely yummy!!! Thanks for the recipe. Love the blog!