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Banana pancakes...

Relax it's not pancake day just yet... although it seems like the year is flying by already!

These are everywhere at the moment so I thought I'd give them a try... and yes banana pancakes are YUM! Mine work out at 2PP... 3PP with the yoghurt... and SO easy!

I use 2 small bananas, I buy the kids size ones so I don't overdose on them! 
1 whole egg and 1 egg white 
Spray oil for the frying...

Pop everything into your blender/mixer ... 

at this point you can add other ingredients to vary it a little, peanut butter, 
blueberries, nutella (my next batch!) chocolate shot or 
just use tablespoon of cocoa powder whatever takes your fancy... 
just remember to point the extra bits if you have to! 

Whizz it all up and done... 

Spray your pan and... 

get ready to spoon it on... 

I kept mine small because I eat with my eyes and my mixture got me 16 baby pancakes! 
So it looks like LOADS on the plate... I KNOW!

Flip and brown on both sides and you're done in a couple of minutes... 

Great for breakfast or a quick lunch and if wanted to get all fancy a bit of icing sugar would get them looking all 'bake off!'  


  1. they look yummy!! I don't like bananas tho!! (sorry)
    I make mine with porridge oats, half a mullerlight, egg and sweetener.. They feel like a "treat" but they're on plan :-) That can only be a good thing :-)

    1. Pop them up on your blog I've told some banana 'haterz' about it! x

  2. Heeeeellll yes, I'm making these!

  3. These look amazing! I LOVE pancakes - Thanks Doll! :)

  4. I am addicted to them. Great for when you want something sweet. A life saver as I can't control the biscuits . Have told the WW class so now there all on the pancake trail. Thank you

    1. LOL They're everywhere but for the ProPoints SO worth it1 x

  5. These look yum. Is it 2pp for the 16 little pancakes.

    1. sorry for the delay.. I missed this! eek! yes it's 2PP for 16! x

  6. Has anyone tried making these with diffrent fruits instead of banana??

  7. These were delicious made them today with strawberries on the side no yogurt. Delicious and healthy yeah!


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