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It's January... it's cold... and lets face it all you want is a hot chocolate with some marshmallows and a biccie... now before someone gets on their high horse, lot of January grumps around at the moment, I know you can have them on the plan... everything in moderation and that, but getting your full intake of H2O is vital, especially at this time of year... we're in hibernation mode, central heating, fires, and the heaters blowing in the car and office can dehydrate us... we're more sluggish... we're not moving as much as we would in the summer... well some of us aren't... and to keep everything 'moving' and your skin clear you've just got to get it into you... so my tips... 

First up... Buy yourself a 'water' glass... something fun or cute or with a bit of bling on it... something that's not a plastic bottle! Also a fancy water bottle doesn't need to cost the earth! Keep a bottle/glass ... in ALL these places... 

Beside the kettle, whilst you're waiting for it to boil down a small glass... On your desk,  sip it throughout the day... In the car, every traffic light, take a swig...  In your gym/swim bag, the more your exercise the more you need to replenish fluids! ...  Beside your bed,  often you're thirsty not hungry, so try a glass first before you head to the fridge for a mid night feast! 

Mine are all from Homestore & More, IKEA, Dealz, TK MAXX... they all have funky glasses, large one off wine glasses and hipster jam jars! Trust me on this, you will drink more... 

Next up.. get yourself a proper water bottle... then get another one... again leave them where you regularly sit... desk, car coffee table... again out of sight out of mind... if they're there you're more likely to sip! 

Clearly I'm a big fan of the 'pink water bottle'... 

Then... make water taste better... This post from Jamie Oliver >>> HERE  <<< made me rethink how I could enjoy water more and this post from the Yummy Life >>> HERE <<< drool! I challenge you not to want to try them out... if you love fruit like I do, get out the glass jug from the back of the cupboard, chop up some oranges, melon, some kiwi, any fruit except bananas to be honest and flavour your water naturally, feck it get a cocktail glass too if it'll make you drink it! Make it the night before and it'll be full of flavour by morning! 

Load up your fruit, top tip - give everything a good squeeze on the way in 
so the natural juices can flow! 

Play around with flavours, chopped apple, chopped grapes and lemon is delicious... 

Stock up your jug with fruit... add your water and let it 'stew' for as long as you can.. 

Apple and Blueberry a new fav of mine... again make sure you squash the blueberries so you get the flavour going... 

After 10 or 15 mins you'll see it go cloudy and that's ALL flavour! 

The orange season is nearly done, so the bigger ones are super juicy right now.. 
I leave this in the fridge with my over night oats  
and its SO refreshing in the morning! 

Just so I'm down with the kids! ahem... 
Tangent - When I was a kid, if you drank out of a jam jar 
you felt like a third world citizen! Now it's THE cool think to do! 

Oh and never underestimate the power of a straw.. you'll drink loads more with one... and most of the shops do them... the pound shop / dealz do some very cool ones... IKEA have their SUPER straws coming in again soon so keep an eye out for them, bargain too! 

Other tips... When you're out for dinner place your water glass on the side of your dominant hand... you'll automatically reach for it... we're creatures of habit! Plus think of the hangover! 

First thing after you wake up, don't reach for the coffee... try a mug of hot water with a slice of lemon... it's good to kick start your liver and kidneys... sweeten it with a drop of honey if you don't like the taste... 

Eat your water... melon, celery, cucumber, soup... lots of ways to add more to your diet.. A lot of times we're not hungry we're thirsty so have a glass of water before you reach for something to eat! 

Drinking water is so good for you.. for your skin, hair, digestive system, your liver, kidneys there's nothing negative about drinking the stuff and you're 75% made of water! 

The science bit... If you need any factual back up, check out the graphic below, you can find it >>> HERE <<< I know its American based but the facts are still the same, water is good for you! 


  1. Heading to the kitchen now to get a glass... does tea count??

    1. absolutely! Drink a small glass of water whilst you're waiting for the kettle to boil! :P x

  2. just going to have my water a big jug of orange and lemon and an apple thrown in i have been doing this for a couple of weeks and i love it i do have a glass waiting for the kettle to boil i just keep refilling the jug through the day .......... annemarie mcmahon


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