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Müller Light Yoghurts...

For those feeling deprived of all things sweet, I know... it's only been barely a week but it seems like the holidays were AGES ago already... Here's some dessert inspired yoghurt from Müller ... I've not tasted these yet, but I've been informed the Banoffe Pie Flavour is 'lush' so leave a comment below if you've tried them out I'd love to hear what they're like! 

Top Tip - The plain ones are great over a meringue nest with some fresh fruit to curb that sugar craving! 

Strawberry Cheesecake Flavour - 2PP
Lemon Cheesecake Flavour - 2PP

Banoffee Pie Flavour - 2PP
Apple Pie Flavour - 2PP

Müller Light Vanilla - 2PP
Müller Light Smooth Toffee - 2PP

Müller Light Vanilla sprinkled with dark chocolate - 2PP
Müller Light Orange sprinkled with dark chocolate - 2PP
Müller Light Vanilla sprinkled with dark chocolate 
with a black cherry underlayer - 3PP

Müller Light Peach & Pineapple - 2PP
Müller Light Mandarin - 2PP
Müller Light Mango & Passionfruit - 2PP

Müller Light Cherry - 2PP
Müller Light Raspberry & Cranberry - 2PP
Müller Light Strawberry - 2PP 


  1. I heart Müller Light, I should own shares at this stage!! I buy them every week,( Thank you Tescos 4 for 2e)
    Müller Light Vanilla sprinkled with dark chocolate - fab in overnight oats or topped with friuit
    Müller Light Orange sprinkled with dark chocolate - tastes like Terrys Choc orange
    Müller Light After Dark - Tastes like After eights

    There used to a Müller Light Raspberry with sprinkles, but seems to have gone AWOL. :(
    So ya, basically i like all the ones that have the chocolate sprinkles :) I have sampled a few of the others, the cheesecake ones were very very disappointing IMO

  2. I love the liberté 0% Greek style yogurt. 100g for 1ppt. Stew a bag of frozen berries with some fake sugar. Store in fridge when cool. Add some to yogurt with chopped grapes for a treat that will definitely satisfy. I usually put a little fake sugar on the yogurt as it's a little tart but soooo thick.


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