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Six West - Brunch club

Round the corner from where I get my Christmas tree... where I had my 'knicker' incident last week! EEK! There's a smashing little cafe called Six West, in Terenure Village.... being that it's in Dublin 6 west... you get the idea... 

This place is fab... it's a perfect little cafe... in the sense of this is a cafffff... like on eastenders... there's nothing pretentious about it... when you walk in, its bright, breezy and the place smells delicious... The seats are comfy and the staff are so friendly and helpful... even with the hungover types!

Their breakfast menu is served all say so no matter WHAT time you roll out with your hangover you'll get a rasher... heaven! 

The menu has all the usual suspects on it... 

and just take a moment to check out the rainbow in the garden... 
seriously on a sunny day how much would this rock!  

The orange juice is freshly squeezed and icy cold... perfect if you're a bit 'delicate' 

and the coffee - delicious!

The 'full Irish' was, and I quote, 'only massive' ... 

and the eggs benedict were perfick... 

passing the 'Skinny-Dolls-Melty-Egg' test with flying colours!

Specials board for lunch ... 

I spotted the toffee cheesecake and I might have to make an 'emergency' visit 
to Terenure over Christmas! 

Something I love, is being able to see the chefs in the kitchen, 
and it's all open plan so you can spot when your brekkie is on its way... 
and also spot other peoples meals.. 

I'm a bit of a rubbernecker when it comes to plates passing me in a restaurant! 

We were there quite early on a Sunday and it was buzzing!

For takeaways... 

It's a lovely little spot if you're in Dublin 6W, passing through 
or heading to the Sunday Market in Terenure!

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