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The A - Z of Christmas!

Another little helpful note from my leader...

A is for Alcohol, always use a measure and never over do it

B is for Butter... the real stuff... it adds up!

C is for chocolate, the stuff you can't control in other peoples houses!

D is for Desserts, one a day... just one!

E is for Everything in moderation

F is for Fruit... and forgetting it!

G is for Goal... don't lose sight of it over the holidays

H is for How long is Christmas in your house... it's only 1 day

I is for In the driving seat... designated drivers save lives and ProPoints! 

J is for the Jeans test... lay on the bed... exhale and try to get em on ya... if you can't, change the plan!

K is for Keep reminding yourself why you are doing it

L is for LBD ... no, not the dress... a Little Bowl of Dessert... keep it small!

M is for Move More

N is for 'No thanks' and mean it!

O is for One will do... One mince pie, One chocolate, One drink

P is for Portion size... have some roast potatoes not ALL the roasties... 

Q is for Question yourself.. do you really want it? Do you need it?

R is for Rest your mouth between mouthfuls... we're not hoovers!

S is for Select healthy alternatives

T is for Turkey, low in PP and high in protein

U is for Use your calculator

V is for Veggies.. all free and tasty!

W is for Water, drink more than you think you need... because sometimes you're thirsty not hungry!

Y is for YOU... you're doing it for yourself!

Z is for Zoom back to class in 2015 ready to take the next step in your journey!

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  1. Love this post :)
    especially "L is for LBD ... no, not the dress... a Little Bowl of Dessert... keep it small!"


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