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Stocking fillers - part 2

Stocking fillers Dealz style... remember nearly everything is €1.49! I KNOW!!! 

Cutest little candle holders.. anyone with a yankie candle fetish would LOVE these...

For the beauty lover in your life... if you haven't a clue where to start,
or you know someone who is getting into make up, this range is perfect...
The lip glosses are adorable ... Perfect stocking fillers!

and you all know of my nail polish fetish... I mean look... preeettttttttyyyyy! 

Good range of colours in the lippy too... 

and there's a range of fab Christmas Reds to try... If like me you can't 
find the 'right' red, still! ... you can try these out! 

Metallic Nail polish... I KNOW! I KNOW! 

For the Grumpsters... and lets face it... we all know one! 

For those not willing to leave Movember behind... 

There's some gorgeous fair isle stockings which are a great alternative to wrapping paper!

Miniature glitter tree for your desk! 

and the fluffiest little wreaths! this picture does the sparkle NO justice whatsoever!

For those who will be out and about... i.e. rugby matches...
these little beauties are SO cute... 

and for the Mary Berry/Hottywood wannabes... again it's all sparkly ... 

Santa needs to bring me a shiny new camera! 

and for those who got out of helping with the stuffing, roasting, boiling, 
baking and serving... Perfectly festive washing up gloves! 

I've heard there's a possibility of a white Christmas but just in case.. sprinkle this out side the front door and the little people with thing santa stomped his boots on the way out! 
Just adds to the magic... 

Mini cake stands... seriously... bake a cupcake and present it on this and its ALL the personal pressies! AND it comes in pink!!! *coughs* 


and they have a great range for decorating your Christmas cakes too... 

They also have some beautiful gift bags... 
well worth a scoot in the last few weeks in the run up 
to the 'big day' for the little extras! 

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  1. Great post, i could spend hours in Dealz :) especially with the Xmas stuff in there now.
    I have the Mini glitter tree on my desk too :) (aswell as a snow globe, light up present AND nodding bauble)


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