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Christmas Trimmings...

More goodies ProPointed from my fabulous leader... share amongst yourselves!


Avonmore sour cream per 100ml 
- 7PP
Avonmore cooking cream 
per 100ml 5PP
Lakeshore Goose Fat 
per 100ml 25PP Jar (200g) - 51PP
Ballymaloe Cranberry Sauce 1Tbs (15g) - 1PP
Tesco Finest Cranberry Sauce 1Tbs (15g) - 1PP
Tesco Sage and Onion Stuffing 50g serving - 4PP
Paxo Sage and Onion Stuffing, per 100g - 3PP
(Cooked Weight)
Jus Roll 6 Filo Pastry Sheets per sheet - 4PP
Jus Roll Pastry Vol-au-Vent cases - 2PP each
Lidl 'Connell Bakery' Sage and Onion Stuffing per 60g serv - 3PP
Goose meat, with skin roasted, 100g - 8PP
Goosemeat without skin roasted, 100g - 6PP
Turkey breast roasted without skin, 100g - 4PP
Schwartz southern fried wedges spice 35g packet - 3PP
Schwartz Garlic & Rosemary roasties spice 35g packet - 3PP
Schwartz dauphinesse potato bake 40g packet - 5PP
Schwartz Cheese & Chive potato bake 
35g packet - 3PP
Tesco Sunflower oil 1 tbsp 15ml - 3PP
Tesco Tomato Passata 1 500 ml carton - 4PP
Sacla Basil pesto whole Jar 190g - 25
Tesco Extra Light Soft Cheese 100g - 3PP
Tesco Extra Light Garlic and Herb soft Cheese 
100g - 3PP

Christmas Desserts

Romantica 1/6 or 125ml - 6PP
Vienetta Mint 1/6 or 108ml - 4PP
Vienetta Vanilla 1/6 or 108ml - 4PP
Tesco Trifle Sponges 1 sponge / 20g - 2PP

Custard - PP per 100ml

Tesco Low fat - 2PP
Tesco 425g - 3PP
Birds - 3PP
Birds low fat - 2PP

Avonmore creams - PP 
per 100ml

Fresh Cream - 10PP
Light Cream - 7PP
Fresh Whipped - 5PP
Double Cream - 13PP
Baileys Whipped - 5PP 

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