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All together now in the style of Elvis!

I'll have a GLUUUUU-TEN free Christmas without wheat...
See what I did there?! *gets coat*

Any excuse to play a Christmas song to be honest... It'll be all karaoke next week!
Tangent... the girl with the pink bow in her hair... how brilliant is she swooning! 

Some M&S goodies for the gluten free lovers amongst us... Honestly, gluten free stuff just makes me feel less bloated... and there's some really good offerings out there now, LIDL, Supervalu and many other places have upped their game... for people in your family who can't eat stuffing and christmas cake there's some great choices out there now...  I passed these on my lunch break and thought I'd ProPoint them for you ...

Made Without Wheat Coffee and Walnut Cake per 1/6th - 9PP 

Made Without Wheat Mini Coconut Macaroons x 1 (25g) - 3PP 

Made Without Wheat Ginger Snaps x 1 (17g) - 2PP 

Made Without Wheat Spiced Cookies x 1 (18g) - 3PP 

Made Without Wheat Triple Chocolate Cookies x 1 (17g) - 2PP 

Made Without Wheat Mini Cheese Crackers x 1 pack - 3PP 

Made Without Wheat Cheese Puffs x 1/4 bag (25g) - 3PP 

Made Without Wheat Caramel Pecan Squares x 1 - 5PP 
And they're small!

Made Without Wheat Chocolate Loaf, whole thing, 250g  - 27PP 
If you like chocolate cake and don't eat puddings or christmas cake 
and hate baking this cake is for you!

Made Without Wheat Almond Frangipane Traybake, whole thing 287g  - 40PP 
yes FORTY!

Made Without Wheat Scotch Pancakes, per pancake - 3PP 

All Butter Gluten Free Top Iced Christmas Cake 600g  - 58PP 

Gluten Free Christmas Pudding Large, (454g) - 36PP
Below - Small individual 100g pudding - 8PP

Gluten Free Mince Pies, per pie - 5PP

Made Without Wheat - Rich Fruit Cake, 375 loaf - 34PP

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